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Employee Handbook


Our Mission

To provide high quality, professional services to our clients; to be consistently profitable for the benefit of our clients, employees and the company, to give God the glory in all things.

Dutch Cleaning Service is committed to; Providing exceptional service that goes above and beyond the expectations of our clients.

           Dutch Cleaning Service is committed to our employees; To provide the best possible working conditions. We will always try to have adequate tools and equipment for the convenience of our employees. We are committed to training all employees for professionalism and quality.

Dutch Cleaning Service is committed to our vendors; To provide payment for services rendered or goods purchased in a timely manner.

Employee Requirements

Dress Code - Neat and clean clothing and please exercise good hygiene.

Hours - Normal hours vary from a start time of between 4:30 am and 7:30 am until all houses are completed that day. If other teams have long days, teams are to help each other finish. No personal plans are to be made anytime before 4:30 each day unless approved by management. 

– Attendance and punctuality are important factors in considering your success within our organization. We work as a TEAM and that requires that each person be in the right place at the right time. Excessive tardiness (i.e. in excess of once per 3 months) will result in a written warning. (See related info on next page.) If you are ill and are unable to work you must notify management as soon as possible. If you don’t reach anyone at the office number call 538.9587 until you do connect with someone.

Smoking Policy - Absolutely no smoking anytime while on the job.

Days Off - When needing a day off management needs to be notified every Monday prior to the week that you want off. Days will be given off according to the schedule and according to how many employees have already asked off.

Language – Swearing and other inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Discussing a clients’ home while on their property is strictly forbidden, even if you’re speaking in another language.

Behavior on the Job - Most of our clients trust us, but some may have video equipment hidden to observe us at work. It is imperative that we are always professional and courteous.

Work Ethics - All employees are expected to complete their tasks in a timely manner and then help the rest of the team until the home is completed.

As an employee of DCS you cannot clean someone’s home for hire on your own time. You would be in direct competition with the company, which presents a conflict of interest. If a client approaches you to work for her/him directly, notify management immediately.

Driving - We expect all drivers to drive safely and defensively. Do not exceed the speed limits, disregard traffic signals or violate any laws! Please, remember, you have passengers! Drive to advertise – our name and phone number are all over the vans!

Full-time - Any employee who works an average of four days or more per week is considered full-time.

Part-time - Any employee who works an average of less than four days per week is considered part time.

Cell Phones - These are not to be used for personal use unless authorized by management.

Customer Phones - These are not to be used unless authorized by management or if the customer insists that you do so.

Standards of Conduct


Each employee has an obligation to observe and follow the organization’s policies and to maintain proper standards of conduct at all times. If an individual’s behavior interferes with the orderly and efficient operation of our business, corrective disciplinary measures will be taken.

Disciplinary action may include a verbal warning, written warning or immediate dismissal. The appropriate course of action will be at the discretion of management. It is our goal to provide a workplace atmosphere that allows for correction and improvement rather than abrupt severing of relationship, however depending on the infraction the steps to dismissal may be brief.

The following behaviors may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal:

· Violation of the organization’s policies or safety rules

· Insubordination

· Poor attendance

· Theft

· Dishonesty

· Disrespect

These examples are not inclusive and all disciplinary actions will be based on all relevant information.


Holiday Pay - Dutch Cleaning Service will pay for seven holidays per year for all full-time employees after 90 days of employment.

Those days are:
New Year’s Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Christmas Day

Vacation Days - Any employee averaging 4 days per week will be paid vacation pay based on the average of the previous 8 weeks’ hours prior to the hiring anniversary. (i.e. if an employee works 26 hours on average for the previous 8 weeks, they will be paid for 26 hours vacation.)

Any employee who works 5 days per week will be paid vacation pay based on 40 hours of vacation pay per year with 8 hours added each additional year with a maximum of 80 hours (2 weeks).

Any full-time employee will be eligible for vacation pay after one year of service.

Cleaning Manual


Each home we clean is someone’s castle.

Our clients expect us to treat their home with utmost respect even if we are there every week and it practically feels like it’s our own. Truth be told; it isn’t. Our goal in coming into their home is to enhance their lives. If we don’t respect their property we become a burden and will soon find ourselves with one less account! It is very important that we view each visit with fresh eyes in order to recognize and act upon the needs that each home presents. Our clients have worked hard for their home and contents, including their furniture, woodwork, brass fixtures, carpet, hardwood floors, etc. While we may view our homes as something we have for basic needs such as eating, sleeping and shelter, our clients don’t necessarily have our mind set and they expect us to treat their homes and belongings with utmost care.


-Be very careful when vacuuming. To avoid damaging dents and scratches, don’t bump up against furniture or baseboards with the vacuum. Vacuums should never be set on the ground or pavement, always carry the vac into the house. This is to avoid getting dirt and pebbles on the plastic wheels and then in turn this debris scratching the floors in the home.

-Do not spray window cleaner directly on pictures; instead spray window cleaner on rag and then use the rag to wipe the glass.

- Computer or TV screens should only be cleaned with a feather duster!

-PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL when handling breakables! Use two hands.

-Do not set wet buckets on floors or furniture. Make sure to wipe the bottom of the buckets.

-Take all throw rugs outside to shake them off. DO NOT FORGET TO BRING THEM BACK IN!

-Turn lights off when leaving a room.

-When washing a group of windows or windows that are heavily soiled; we use the dish soap mixture and wash rags. Finish with window cleaner and window rags. (The dish soap mixture is a bucket of hot water with a few drops of dish soap.)

-Remember to always do a final check in each room you clean to ensure that all required tasks are complete and that each item in the room is placed in its exact intended location.


-Fill one side of sink with water and a few drops Basic H

-Put drip pans, microwave plate, and anything else that needs soaking into water immediately

-Clean counters, items on counters, appliances, and “spot clean” front of cabinets with sink water. (Use small “dish cloth” type rags)

-Counters: Pick up and set everything forward then wipe off countertop, splash board, and items on counter.

-Appliances: Use sink-water to clean all exposed surfaces of the appliances. Do not miss top of refrigerator.

-Microwave: First, place microwave plate in the sink to soak. Spray inside with Red Juice. Wipe clean. Finish by spraying with window cleaner and wiping dry with window rag. If you have trouble getting it clean this way, try putting a bowl of water in microwave and turn it on for a few minutes. Inside should wipe clean.

-Spot check fronts of cupboards for fingerprints and food particles. Wash, if needed.

-Empty trash in kitchen and laundry

-Vacuum floor with small vacuum (be sure to get edges)

-Fix mop water; add a few drops of Basic H.

-Empty water from sink and clean sinks with soft scrub.

-Spray everything with window cleaner and wipe dry with a window rag.

-Mop floor. Be sure to get edges and in corners, by hand if necessary. Pour mop water outside in dirt.

-If there is a bathroom off the kitchen or laundry, kitchen person sweeps and mops that floor too.

-Be sure to clean any outside doors in kitchen and the kitchen window.



-Dust table and chairs; including rails around bottom of chairs, backs, etc.

-Dust chandelier over table. (Use window cleaner on clear glass chandeliers.)

-Clean entryway doors.

-Dust anything else that needs dusting. (Do not spray on/near hardwood floors)


-Whoever cleans the kitchen should also clean the laundry room.

-Spray all exposed surfaces (top) of the washer and dryer with window cleaner. Wipe dry with window rag.

-Clean sink and counters.

-Dust anything that needs dusting.

-Clean entryway windows.

-Wash around door knob on garage door. Spot check rest of door.

-Sweep floor with small vacuum and then mop.

-Don’t place throw rugs on appliances or counter.


-Clean one entire bathroom before going on to next.

-Put toilet bowl cleaner in toilet and spray shower cleaner in tub/shower.

-Clean sinks, counters, and fronts of cabinet, if needed, with soft scrub (use small rag). Spray everything off with window cleaner when finished and wipe dry with window rag.

-Clean shower/tub with same rag unless dirty, and then get new one. Spray with window cleaner when finished and wipe dry with large rag. To remove soap scum along bottom of tub/shower use Soft Scrub.

-Clean inside of toilet with bowl brush. Spray rim and outside with Red Juice and wipe dry with paper towel. Wash floor around toilet by hand.

-Be sure to wipe all toilet paper holders, towel holders, anything setting on counters, and anything else that needs cleaning. (Top of tub surround; shower curtain rods; shower door track; light fixtures; tops of Kleenex boxes etc…)

-Wash baseboards.

-Clean mirrors with window cleaner and window rags.

-Straighten any towels in bathrooms; on towel racks or ones lying around. Make sure towel tags are turned in. Take all bath mats/rugs outside and shake off. Do not try to vacuum them.


-We, of course, dust anything throughout the house that needs dusting. That includes furniture, ledges, wood parts on sofas, pieces setting on furniture, shelves, items on shelves, window sills, chair rails, baseboards, trim around doors…etc.

-Spray dust cleaner on rag, not on furniture. Spray before starting then only if needed after that.

(Never get dusting spray on any hard surface floors. We prefer to not be the subject of a law suit should anyone slip and fall due to our negligence.)



-Shake off all doilies and put back on furniture.

-We do not wash baseboards except in baths, unless otherwise noted on customer’s file. Simply run the feather duster across them as you work your way around the room.

-Dust pictures on walls with feather duster.

-Clean all entryway doors inside and out unless in kitchen/ dining area.

-Clean all mirrors throughout home, (that are not in bathrooms) with window cleaner and window rags.

-Vacuum all carpet with large vacuum. Use small vacuum with attachments for stairways. Be sure to clean around edges on stairways.

-Be very careful when sweeping! Do not bump against furniture or baseboards with sweepers.

-Vacuum into corners also, not just in the center of rooms.

-Vacuum under all furniture, as far as you can reach.

-Move anything that is easily movable while sweeping (i.e. plants, figurines, small chairs, etc.) unless otherwise noted on client’s map.

-Make sure all pillow seams and tags are on bottom and throws are folded.

-Empty trash containers while going through house.

Employee Confirmation of Receipt of Handbook.

Yes, I have read entire contents of this handbook as well as the Cleaning Manual Portion and agree to conform to the expectations.






Dutch Cleaning Service reserves the right to change any or all of the contents of this handbook at anytime.